4th Dimension Entertainment

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4th Dimension Entertainment
Available For Mass distribution
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Standing 11 in27.94 cm
18 in45.72 cm
$ 25 $ 60
Features Clothing/Accessories, Embroidery, Firm Stuffing, Show Accurate
4th Dimension Entertainment example


  • MSRP $24.95 for 11" standing (as low as $21)
  • MSRP $60 for 15" standing Luna or 18" standing Celestia (it appears none of these may ever have actually been made)
  • Since 4th Dimension Entertainment has ceased production of their MLP plushies, these have become more scarce and actual prices may have increased
  • Some ponies/designs were only prototypes and were never released to the public, do your research!


  • Official shop; currently and for the foreseeable future these will be all OUT OF STOCK


  • These are probably the best mass market produced plushies to date
  • Due to a number of technical difficulties in finding reliable manufacturers overseas in China, 4th Dimension Entertainment has ceased producing and selling their pony plushies. There are still quite a few available on the market as new and used, though, and the prices are still relatively low
  • “Available only in US and Canada” does not apply. Every shop ships worldwide
  • If you are looking for these plushies, be sure to check out Amazon and eBay