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Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Standing 22 in55.88 cm
33 in83.82 cm
$ 240 $ 650
Laying down 20 in50.8 cm
55 in139.7 cm
$ 280 $ 950
Anthro 20 in50.8 cm
20 in50.8 cm
$ 330 $ 500
Features Clothing/Accessories, Embroidery, Life Size, Lewd
DeviantArt agatrix
Agatrix example



  • Plushes ship from Poland, be aware of potential shipping charges and customs/duty
  • Maintains active list of all customers and commissions in Price List
  • Takes half the payment when she orders the materials, the other half when she ships the plush. Payments are made through PayPal
  • Clothing and accessories cost extra, other poses available. Free socks with laying down ponies
  • Can do OCs if you provide reference images. Not limited to ponies (has done Discord, gryphons, etc.)
  • Cannot make proper butts - consider asking for a better butt if you commission one
  • Loves challenges, will attempt anything
  • Has been open to doing lewd/explicit in the past, so don't be afraid to ask.
  • Appears to be a popular topic on /mlp/