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Available For Commission
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Anthro 42 in106.68 cm
156 in396.24 cm
$ 300 $ 25,000
Standing 42 in106.68 cm
120 in304.8 cm
$ 300 $ 25,000
Features Airbrushing, Clothing/Accessories, Faux Fur, Synthetic Hair, Wired and Poseable, Life Size, Cuddly Stuffing, Firm Stuffing, Lewd
BigSexyPlush example


  • Will make plush in any size


  • From $300 to almost as high as you want (the order form goes up to $18,000 before erroring out)



  • Will also mod Build a Bear plushes with lewd features
  • This artist will often marker in cutie marks, eyes, and other features; be prepared to constantly be touching up these marker jobs
  • Quality varies from worst of the worst to shitty, so be aware
  • Will make basically anything your degenerate mind can imagine
  • There have been multiple incidences of buyer's remorse reported among her customers
  • No improvement shown over the years. Do not expect better than what you see