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Available For Commission, Sale
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Sitting 16 in40.64 cm
17 in43.18 cm
$ 390 $ 390
Standing 11 in27.94 cm
50 in127 cm
$ 255 $ 1,250
Beanie 6 in15.24 cm
16 in40.64 cm
$ 185 $ 365
Laying down 18 in45.72 cm
80 in203.2 cm
$ 360 $ 2,000
Features Booty, Clothing/Accessories, Faux Fur, Wired and Poseable, Life Size, Cuddly Stuffing, Firm Stuffing, Lewd
DeviantArt Epicrainbowcrafts
Epicrainbowcrafts example




  • Guy has new embroidery machine so no more printed eyes
  • For OCs, beware of wanting “real hair”--colors are fairly limited
  • Measures laying size based on hoof-to-tail, not hoof-to-hoof
  • Likes challenges: Magnetically detachable teats, new outfit designs, even lingerie etc. - If you can think of it just ask
  • Likes using hot glue instead of thread for all kinds of shit. Can't sew a straight line. Quality has become very questionable.