From Plushie.Horse

An extension written by Corpulent Brony to provide customized formatting and features for this wiki. Source code is available on GitHub.

  • Parser functions
    • {{#first_rev: page name|property}} 
      Returns the requested property for the first revision of the given page
      • page name is the name of the page
      • property can be:
        • original author is the user name of the first author
        • published date is the ISO 8601 formatted timestamp of the page's creation date
      {{#image_info: file name|property}} 
      Returns the requested property for the given image file
      • file name is the file title with the File: prefix
      • property can be:
        • height is the height in pixels
        • mime is the MIME type of the image
        • url is the direct URL to the image file
        • width is the width in pixels
      {{#plush_pic: }} 
      Displays a random plush related image from Derpibooru; can only be used on the Main Page
      {{#plushmancer_list: table ID|table filter row ID}} 
      Applies some formatting to the Plushmancer List table and adds filter menus and sorters to specific columns in that table. To mark a column as being filterable, apply the data-filter attribute to the related th element. To mark a column as being sortable, apply the data-sort attribute to the related th element
      • table ID is the id attribute of the table element to be modified
      • table filter row ID is the id attribute of the tr element where the filter and sorter widgets will be added
      {{#randomly_do: text|probability}} 
      Will return the specified text with the given probability. Note that in order to use this as you probably want to, the page cannot be cached in the parser (you will want to use the __NOCACHE__ magic word)
      • text is the text that might be returned
      • probability (optional) is a number between 0 and 1 specifying the chances of text being returned. A probability value of 0 will never happen and a probability value of 1 will always happen. By default, probability is set at 0.5
      {{#script_ld_json: json-ld}} 
      Creates a script element in the rendered page's header section that defines schema details for the page
      {{#set_body_itemtype: itemtype}} 
      Turns on the itemscope attribute and sets the itemtype attribute for the current page's body element. Useful for marking up a page with schema microdata.