Janelle's Plushies

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Janelle's Plushies
Available For Commission
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Laying down 22 in55.88 cm
36 in91.44 cm
$ 190 $ 425
Beanie 9 in22.86 cm
9 in22.86 cm
$ 110 $ 170
Features Airbrushing, Embroidery, Faux Fur, Show Accurate
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Janelle's Plushies example


  • Apparently what she advertises as 36" laying is closer to 30" when measured hoof-to-hoof


  • Prices are mostly from a 2014 DA post and are likely well out of date
  • Standing ponies from $230 for mares and $250 for stallions
  • Anthro prices aren't published



  • Some anons have reported she's stopped responding to new commission requests
  • Attends and sells at cons
  • Does a bunch of other other plushies (Gravity falls, Stephen Universe etc.)
  • You will wait a year
  • Only understand her pricing if you’ve ever bought a BMW