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Available For Commission, Sale, Mass distribution
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Laying down 48 in121.92 cm
48 in121.92 cm
$ 550 $ 550
Sitting 12 in30.48 cm
52 in132.08 cm
$ 125 $ 800
Features Clothing/Accessories, Embroidery, Wired and Poseable, Life Size, Cuddly Stuffing
DeviantArt klplushies
KLPlushies example


  • May be willing to make many other sizes in addition to what is mentioned above


  • Prices can vary significantly



  • Sitting pose isn't really sitting; rather, it's referred to as cuddle style and is relatively unique to this plush maker
  • You'll find him at nearly every brony convention (and many non-brony conventions) selling his plushies
  • Quality of materials and workmanship varies greatly, but they tend to be stuffed to be very cuddleable
  • Works closely with NekoKevin; they'll often vend from the same booth at conventions

KLPlushies and NekoKevin have been known to submit their patterns to Chinese manufacturers and the plush they sell you may not actually be made by them, but rather a factory in China. This may be why some of their recent plushies show some quality control issues.