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Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Standing 24 in60.96 cm
24 in60.96 cm
$ 271 $ 370
Laying down 15 in38.1 cm
20 in50.8 cm
$ 148 $ 247
Features Booty, Clothing/Accessories, Embroidery, Cuddly Stuffing, Firm Stuffing, Lewd
DeviantArt NSFPlush
NSFPlush example


  • The laying down pattern size is a height


  • Prices are originally in Euro and were converted to USD on this page
  • Offers "furry" characters for €130-250



  • Offers lots of different poses, willing to do almost any pose
  • Offers anatomical details of any kinds and sizes
  • Chokers, saddles, corsages, ball gags, socks, etc.
  • Can add sweat or tear drops
  • Will not do underage characters, but is willing to do adult versions of them instead
  • Makes "special creatures"
  • Is willing to develop a humanoid pattern
  • Makes plushies up to "2 meters in length"
  • To be honest, her pony pattern looks kinda funny from the front, see picture below
Where did her eyes go?