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Available For Commission, Sale, Mass distribution
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Standing 18 in45.72 cm
22 in55.88 cm
$ 400 $ 1,100
Sitting 18 in45.72 cm
33 in83.82 cm
$ 400 $ 1,700
Features Clothing/Accessories, Embroidery, Tail Dock, Wired and Poseable, Life Size, Show Accurate
DeviantArt nekokevin
NKPlush example



  • You've seen his animated GIFs on Twitter and Derpibooru
  • Based out of Taiwan, he still seems to frequently make it to many brony conventions where he's often vending closely with KLPlushies
  • Also sells OEM plushies that are manufactured in China at a lower price than the commission prices listed here, see his Web site