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Plushie.Horse is a Web-based, free-content pony plushie afficionado resource based on a model of openly editable content.

Plushie.Horse is written collaboratively by largely anonymous volunteers who write without pay. Anyone with Internet access can write and make changes to Plushie.Horse articles, except in limited cases where editing has been restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism. Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or, if they choose to, with their real identity.

Because everybody can help improve it, Plushie.Horse is attempting to become the most comprehensive pony plushie resource available. Plushie.Horse is a work in progress, with articles at various stages of completion. As articles develop, they tend to become more comprehensive and balanced. Quality also improves over time as misinformation and other errors are removed or repaired. However, because anyone can click edit at any time and add content, any article may contain undetected misinformation, errors, or vandalism. Awareness of this helps the reader to obtain valid information, avoid recently added misinformation, and fix the article.

About Plushie.Horse[edit]

The story of Plushie.Horse necessarily begins first by looking at the rise in demand for plushies within the fandom and then the response from the popular 4channel image board, /mlp/.

Pony Plushie History[edit]

As the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its autistic fandom grew and became more affluent, the desire for high quality plushes of our favorite characters increased. Hasbro was anemic in their response to this demand, releasing many plushes of questionable quality, such as the infamous spaghetti maned plushies released by Funrise. As a result, members of the fandom itself decided to fill the gap and began dusting off sewing machines that had been sitting dormant in their parents' attics or basements for years.

The first fandom plushes were usually just slightly better than what we were getting from Hasbro, interspersed with some gems. People began seeing this need for fabric ponies as an opportunity to make money and share the joy of a warm plushie hug with their fellow bronies. Or, as was often the case, people would see the plushie an exceptionally talented person had made for themselves and pester the maker until they'd accept a commission.

Plush Thread History[edit]

In February 2012, the first plush thread archived on Desuarchive was recorded, with the OP bemoaning how all the pony plushies they could find were garbage that I'd be ashamed to even look at. The thread died a very early death with less than a handful of replies and it wasn't until a year later that the first successful plush thread emerged with the OP begging anons to tell him where they got their plush, how much it cost, and if they were satisfied with their purchase since he was in the market for one himself.

Plush threads became a relatively regular occurrence after that, usually filled with anons sharing their own plushies and other anons declaring how much they'd love a pony plush of their own to hug. In July 2014, Equine Palette was the first Plushmancer to publicly shilloffer her services to the board, charging only for materials and labor to make plushies.

Once anons began seeing how expensive custom plushies were, they began seeking out alternatives to buying. The most obvious would be, of course, making your own. And that's exactly what a certain anon did. In various posts from February 2015, this anon showed his progress in making a pattern as he worked on his waifu plush. The pattern was finally completed in March 2015 and the anon began working on his final plush, without the use of a sewing machine or even printer to print out pattern pieces. He sewed his waifu plush by hand, and finally completed her in May 2015.

The exploits of this anon led to many others being inspired to take up the challenge to make their own plush waifu.

Plushie.Horse History[edit]

As the number of these plushmancers of varying quality grew, the ability to find the perfect person to bring your pony friends to life actually became more difficult. The closest thing to a central place to find these creators was really DeviantArt, and if you've ever used that site it's not typically the easiest or most user-friendly experience.

In November 2014, Equine Palette posted the first link to her Plush List β€” a Google Doc spreadsheet listing plush makers with comments about them that is freely editable. For years this was the only resource, and while it offered a lot, it still lacked the ease of navigation found in a wiki. Modifications to the list of plush makers required editing multiple sections of the document, since there were summary and detail pages.

So in August 2017, a crazy anon took it upon himself to build a better list. Using MediaWiki (the same software used by Wikipedia) and Semantic MediaWiki (a tool that lets you query data from other wiki pages), he put together the framework of the site from scratch. He wrote a custom extension with a lot of features and added the majority of plushmancers himself to the wiki.


Text on Plushie.Horse is a collaborative work, and the efforts of individual contributors to a page are recorded in that page's history, which is publicly viewable. Information on the authorship of images and other media, such as sound files, can be found by clicking on the image itself or the nearby information icon to display the file page, which includes the author and source, where appropriate, along with other information.

Using Plushie.Horse[edit]

Researching Plushmancers[edit]

The raison d'Γͺtre of this wiki is really the Plushmancer List. This page presents a table of all the plushmancers currently entered into the site. The table is easily filterable and sortable, allowing you the ability to quickly and easily find the plushmancer who may be able to make the pony plushie you've been craving.

Clicking on the name of a plushmancer in this table will take you to their page. The box to the upper-right will show a run-down of what they make, how they make it, features, and price ranges. There may be additional content on the page (look for a list to an external price list) and an image showing off their work.


There are a number of guides available on the site that are meant to help you commission a plushmancer, take care of your plushie, and build your own plushie:

  • Commission FAQ β€” written from a plush maker's perspective β€” gives some advice on how to approach a plushmancer for a commission
  • Care Guides provide advice on how to repair, maintain, and clean your plushies
  • Plushmancy Guides are links to patterns and instructions on how to make your very own pony plushies

Contributing to Plushie.Horse[edit]

Anyone can contribute to Plushe.Horse by clicking on the Edit with form or Edit tabs in an article. Creating an account offers many benefits. It is important to realize that in contributing to Plushie.Horse, anons are expected to be civil.