Removing Mayonnaise From a Plush

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It happens to us all. You're enjoying some special time with that special plush and - OOPS! - some mayonnaise inadvertently(?) gets sprayed on her face, or perhaps her flank, or wherever these things happen. Don't panic, there very likely isn't any permanent damage, at least not if you act quickly. This guide is intended to walk you through the steps to remove the mayo and is written by someone who has previously dealt with this issue. (If it isn't yet clear, when I say "mayonnaise" I really mean spunk. And when I say spunk I really mean cum.)

The Guide[edit]

Step 1: You did WHAT WHERE??!?!![edit]

Shoot it in the right direction

As soon as you catch your breath, grab yourself a dry towel (paper or fabric variety) and try to get as much of the goo off as you can without rubbing it into the fabric (haven't you learned your lesson about rubbing things into fabric?). Don't blot, don't scrub, just try your best to get it off. Maybe your man juice isn't very gooey? Well, maybe you could skip this step, but just make sure it isn't running down her flank messing up even more square millimeters of fabric. During this step you must not panic but get into action and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Step 2: Soap time[edit]

Make making it your intention

Next, take a small dollop of soap (preferably a fabric safe detergent of some type, I prefer the Laundress Delicate Wash) and, using a soft bristled toothbrush, gently scrub the soap into the area. You don't want to get the plush too moist, but it is important to scrub as much as you can.

Step 3: Getting her all wet[edit]

Live those dreams

Now get a clean towel (paper or color safe fabric) and get it wet. Wipe over the soapy area following the grain of the minky. Wring out the towel and do it a couple more times, trying to get as much soap off as possible. You probably don't want to get the plush soaked, though, so watch what you are doing.

Step 4: It's getting hot in here[edit]

Gotta hit me

Dry off your wet, messy plushie using a hair dryer. Make sure it isn't too hot. Personally the "Hot" setting on mine is just fine, but if you have some super industrial sized hot drier try to be careful and consider using a lower heat setting. It may take a while, but keep blowing your plushie dry until it is just slightly damp to the touch.

Step 5: Brushie brushie![edit]

Hit me with those laser beams

Take your (cleaned off) original soft bristled toothbrush or really your normal plush brushing brush (you have one of those, right?) and brush against the grain of the minky. It should look pretty clumpy and funny, but don't worry, it helps expose more surface area for the next step, which is...

Step 6: Seriously, it's getting hot in here[edit]


That's right, we're repeating step 4 once again, turn that blow dryer back on! (That is, if you turned it off.) Aim that nozzle at your plushie and shoot your dry, hot air all over her. Oh fuck, not again! At this point the fabric should start to feel drier

Step 7: Repetition is key[edit]

Don't do it

Now brush with the grain of the minky, flattening out the fabric (if it's getting dry, it may already be blowing around in the blow dryer anyway). Keep drying for a little longer, then brush against the grain. Dry some more. Then brush with the grain. Dry some more. Then against the grain. Keep this up until the plush is basically dry.

Step 8: Use your finger[edit]

When you wanna cum

Using your fingers, gently brush the minky back and forth. By now it should be completely dry and you should notice no strange clumping or anything. If you still see clumping, then you may want to repeat the entire process over once more.

Final hints and tips[edit]

If you own a Rug Doctor I highly recommend using it to clean up these types of messes. Trust me, the thing can suck anything out of the fabric and, in this case, that's a Very Good Thing.

Mayo Guide Source[edit]

This guide was generally ripped from the now infamous Mayo Guide published by Clopaholic over on her DA. I rewrote it in my own words with with some minor changes, mostly because I wasn't lying when I said I've had to resort to this guide a couple times.

Cleaning Music[edit]

Some music to help you while you clean.