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Available For Commission, Freebies
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Sarubobo 1 in2.54 cm
2 in5.08 cm
$ 25 $ 50
Features Booty, Embroidery, Tail Dock, Lewd
DeviantArt TinyEquine
TinyEquine example


  • 0.5" to 2" Horse Shaped (or not horse shaped).


  • Takes requests on Twitter for freebies infrequently.
  • $25 - $50 for a small thinger, depending on complexity.



  • Does not update DA often, Twitter has pictures when they appear. Derpibooru has most pictures.

Commission Status[edit]

Status and queue can be found here.

Contact me via Twitter (@tinyequine), Discord (TinyEquine#0001), Telegram (@TinyEquine), or e-mail (smol.poner@gmail.com) for best results.

How commissions work: You contact me, I say yes or no to what you want, we go from there.

Tiny Poner Plush: Typically I'd have a thing done within two weeks, depending on life. Sometimes I'm faster, sometimes slower. All tiny things are made of fleece, thread, and embroidery floss. All things will be done with artistic license. Complex cutie marks may be simplified to fit within the tiny space available. Eyes can be in several styles, generally left up to my discretion unless the commissioner has something specific in mind.

Knitting and Crochet projects: The time it takes to complete will vary heavily. Hand knit socks for a large poner take substantially more time than quick socks done via knitting machine for a smaller poner.

Once we've agreed upon what I'm making and what you're paying, I'll request your email address and send you a paypal invoice for the poner plus shipping and insurance. Once invoice is paid and work is complete, thing will travel name and address you provide me. Tracking is provided within the United States, customs number is provided outside of the United States.

Please keep in mind that this is my hobby, not my job. I do not rely on income from tiny thing adoption fees. Any exchange of funds is nothing more or less than a transaction. I reserve the right to refuse any offer to commission me that I am not comfortable with, or that I am not interested in doing. I reserve the right to provide a full refund if the commission experience becomes unpleasant for me.


I infrequently take requests on Twitter, whenever the mood strikes me. I tweet, accept replies for usually a day, then pick something out of the list. I don't select what request I take at random. I pick what interests me at that exact moment in time, and there's no real way of knowing what that's going to be.

Care Guide[edit]

These are not fragile, but they are very small. This means that pulling on manes, tails, wing feathers, ears, or horns will result in fleece tearing, depending on the thinness of the area. These are not intended for small children, and probably represent a choking hazard. They are intended for display, for pocket or purse carrying (though wear will occur), or for holding one-sided conversations with. They do not talk back. Please do not expect them to talk back. Batteries not included. They are smaller than most batteries, and don't have a place to install a battery. Do not immerse in water. Do not feed after midnight. Do not engage in political discussion with the tiny thing. The tiny thing does not care for politics, or for your opinion on politics. Do not insert tiny thing into any bodily opening. Do not ignore the tiny thing, as it will eat you out of house and home when you are not looking. Do not attach tiny thing to a drone for purposes of granting the tiny thing flight. Actually, that sounds kind of cool. Do that at your own risk, as the tiny thing may get dirty. Spot clean only, or toss it in a sock and throw it in the wash and let me know how that works out for you. I have no idea, I've never tried. Please enjoy your tiny thing, and be prepared for it to steal large, expensive items to sit upon. They are particularly fond of monitors, televisions, printers, and works of art. I appreciate any and all pictures of tiny things and the adventures they have. Feel free to share with me via Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or email.

Clean your big poners, Anon[edit]

Clean pone is happy pone

Horn Sniffing Degenerates[edit]

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