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Available For Commission
Size Price
Body Type Min Max Min Max
Standing 24 in
60.96 cm
42 in
106.68 cm
$ 600 $ 1,000
Features 3D Eyelashes, Airbrushing, Applique, Booty, Clothing/Accessories, Embroidery, Faux Fur, Tail Dock, Life Size, Cuddly Stuffing, Show Accurate, Lewd
DeviantArt clopaholic
Clopaholic example


  • 24" ponies from $600
  • 48" ponies from $1,000



  • Has made lead-filled plushes that weigh upwards of 150 lbs
  • Entirely NSFW
  • Refuses to do fillies/colts due to underage, but will do โ€œof ageโ€ versions of fillies/colts